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raj thackeray wife sharmila information

Information of Sharmila Thackeray

                                                                  Sharmila Thackeray

Sharmila Thackeray is wife of mns founder Raj Thackeray.
Raj Thackeray wife Sharmila  is a daughter of famous Marathi actor, producer Mohan Wagh.
Sharmila Thackeray is the happy-go-lucky homemaker.
Sharmila's family is steeped in Marathi culture - her father Mohan Wagh is a well-known theatre personality and prodecer. The family of Sharmila  legend goes that before they got married, Sharmila used to visit Raj's mother when she was hospitalised.At the time,she was considered prospective Bahu. His so-called mother-in-law asked her if she knew how to cook. Sharmila said she was not interested in cooking. But now,she is takes single-handly takes care of the house Krishna Kunj household at Shivaji Park.
The Thackeray family may be divided these days, but she is woman who are keeping up the sanctity of their homes.
Sharmila Thackeray have one son name Amit Thackeray and one daughter Urvashi Thackeray.


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